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123.HP.Com/Setup Guide to Print Documents on Mac

Are you wondering how to print any document on a Mac? Don’t worry, printing any file on a Mac is pretty easy when the 123-hpp guide is with you. Here, you can learn the complete procedure with a step-by-step guide and start taking prints of any document, note, picture, or web page.

Here we go:

Congratulations! You can now successfully print your documents.

How to Connect HP Printer to with Mac?

All Mac users can go through this guide to complete the HP printer connection process with their Mac device. Before connection setup, all you have to do is update your HP printer model software or install it from the manufacturer’s website. In the case of AirPrinter, you do not need to check for software updates.

Let’s get started!

Connect Your Network HP Printer to your Mac

Follow the steps to connect your Network or Wi-Fi HP printer to the Mac easily:

Add a printer to list of available printers

If everything goes right, you may start printing.

Connect USB HP Printer to your Mac

Follow the steps to connect your wired HP printer to the Mac with ease:

Now, you may be able to churn out your desired prints using your Mac device.

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