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HP printers give you the opportunity to print hassle-free documents on Windows. It can produce prints quickly and in good quality. To print high-quality pictures and documents, your Windows computer needs to be connected to the HP printer. Before proceeding to print, make sure your printer is turned on and the drivers are installed correctly.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to print your document on a Windows computer:

Here, change your printer settings as follows:

The above steps are the standard method of printing. If you follow this appropriately, you can get your desired prints in no time. And, if you find any difficulty using the above-listed guidance, 123-hpp is here to make this procedure easier with expert advice and remote help.

How to Connect HP Printer to Your Windows?

Now that, you have learned how to print documents in Windows in previous section, but you should know that before printing anything, your Windows computer and printer must be connected, wirelessly or by USB cable.

So, if you want to print documents through HP printer and are looking for the ways to connect your HP printer to a Windows computer, this guide will give you complete information.

Let’s get started!
Before you start connection setup between your HP printer and Windows device, you need to confirm that which Windows version your printer supports. Windows is available in the following versions currently:

Connect HP Printer to your Windows Via Wireless Network

Follow the steps to connect your HP printer to the Windows computer using Wireless method:

  • Turn on your printer and connect it to your home Wi-Fi.
  • On the printer screen, adjust the wireless LAN settings.
  • Now, locate your home network service set identifier (SSID) on the bottom of your internet service provider’s router.
  • Then enter your network password and locate your printer settings.
  • In the "Devices" section, click on "Add a Printer or Scanner."
  • The name of your printer will appear as available.
  • Select "Add Device" to finish the wireless configuration.

Start printing now!

Connect HP Printer to your Windows Via USB Cable/ Ethernet

Follow the steps to connect your HP printer to the Windows computer using USB cable method:

  • Click the "Windows" icon to open the "Start Menu."
  • In the bottom left, you should see a gear icon linking to your settings window.
  • In "Windows Settings", find and click the icon labelled "Devices."
  • In the left column of the Devices window, select "Printers & Scanners."
  • Then, click on "Add Printer or Scanner", the name of your printer will pop up.
  • Click it to complete the installation as per your computer’s instructions.

Now, you may be able to churn out your desired prints.

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