Why My HP Printer Showing Offline on Windows 10 How Do I Fix It?

May 26, 2023 0 Comments

Either an outdated or the default printer driver is the primary cause of the HP Printer showing Offline issues on Windows 10. Simply reading the blog post will effectively restart your printer. We go into great detail here!

HP is a major manufacturer of a wide range of consumer electronics. HP printers have long been the best option for people all over the world. It is well-known for its longevity and printing solutions of high quality. Though, because it is an electronic device, we are unable to anticipate when a technical issue might arise with a print job. Therefore, during the printing of any document, each of us ought to exercise greater caution and vigilance. A number of customers have recently expressed a desire for the issue with the HP printer appearing offline on Windows 10 to be resolved immediately. This is why we decided to write a blog post that shows you how to get your printer back online. Therefore, read the blog carefully and follow the troubleshooting instructions provided without wasting any more time.

Reasons for HP Printer Showing Offline on Windows 10

To learn more about the possible reasons for its occurrence, keep an eye out for the following information:

  • It’s possible that you didn’t set your printer by default in Windows 10, even if you upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
  • This issue will also occur if you use an outdated printer driver.
  • Problems with printer connectivity may cause these issues if the printer and Windows 10 OS are not properly linked.
  • It’s possible that your running printer is set to offline.

For new users, the 123.hp.com/setup link is recommended for resolving the HP Printer Showing Offline error. Once you get to our website, all you have to do to see the one-stop solution that can be done without investing much effort. Additionally, if you have any technical expertise, you can follow the instructions in this post.

Effective Solutions to Fix HP Printer Showing Offline on Windows 10 Issue

Some solutions for HP Printer Showing Offline on Windows 10 are listed below, all of which you should try at least once. Let’s begin:

Solution 1: Change Printer Settings

To modify the settings of your printer, follow these steps:

  • After opening the “Control Panel,” in Windows 10, navigate to the “Printers” Window.
  • Look carefully and verify, if your correct printer has been set to default.
  • Now, right-click on the relevant printer and selecting the “See What’s Printing” option.
  • Remove any tasks that remain unfinished from the list.
  • In the queue window’s, select the “Printer” & uncheck “Use Printer Offline.”
  • After unchecking this option, verify that your printer is properly connected to your computer. If the connection is not established correctly, unplug the USB cable from the port and reconnect it in the correct manner.
  • Users who own a network printer, must get a connection test as well, attempt to restart your router/ switch
  • Switch your printer off and on.
  • After turning off your computer, restart it.

Solution 2: Restart the Print Spooler Service

Any issues with an HP printer that are displaying as offline on Windows 10 should be resolved by restarting the Print Spooler service. You have the option of doing it through the following steps:

  • To open the Run dialogue box, press the Windows logo key and R key simultaneously.
  • Now, type “services.msc” in the search box, afterwards, press “Enter” or click “OK” tab.
  • When the Services window appears, identify the Print Spooler service, right-click it, and then select “Restart” from the menu.
  • After restarting the Print Spooler service, check to see if the issue has been resolved or persists.

Solution 3: Change Printer Properties

The HP Printer Appearing Offline issue on Windows 10 can be resolved by simply updating your printer’s properties. This is a straightforward and effective solution. Let’s follow these guidelines:

  • Under “Control Panel,” select “Devices & Printers.”
  • Right-clicking on your printer will bring up the menu, where you can select Printer Properties.
  • Make the Ports tab active. After selecting your printer’s IP address from the list, select the Configure Port option.
  • Touch OK to save changes after unchecking SNMP Status Enabled.

Doing that may resolve the issue with your offline printer. But if it doesn’t go away, move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Reinstall Your Printer Drivers

Reinstalling your printer drivers is the most effective solution for HP Printer Appearing Offline on Windows 10. Consider the following points:

  • Navigate to the “Devices and Printers” section of the Control Panel.
  • Select Remove device after right-clicking on your printer.
  • In the confirmation window that appears, select “Yes.”
  • After your printer driver has been completely removed from your Windows 10 computer, download the most recent driver from the manufacturer and install it. When you print, you won’t see a message that your printer is offline if you download the correct driver.

Solution 5: Add a Second Printer Device

You need to do the following:

  • Then, select “Devices and Printers” from the Control panel.
  • Select Remove device after right-clicking on your printer.
  • After selecting the Ports tab, click the button that says “Add Port.”
  • Select “Standard TCP/IP Port” and click the “New Port” option.
  • The Printer Port Wizard will begin at this point. Select “Next.”
  • Now, enter the required information. All of the necessary information can be found in the printer’s instruction manual. After that, select Next, and your printer will operate normally without experiencing an offline error.

Access the link at 123.hp.com/setup If the Problem Remains Unsolved

If you have followed the above instructions precisely but are still experiencing issues with your HP Printer Showing Offline on Windows 10, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. We provide 123.hp.com/setup for your convenience and benefit. You can also call our helpline number to talk directly to our best technicians. They will bring successful, cost-effective solutions right to your door.

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