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Having trouble connecting your HP wireless printer and Chromebook? All of your inquiries will be addressed right here. Whether you purchase a wireless or wired HP printer, all of the necessary drivers for successful setup are available at 123.hp.com/setup. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to install the HP wireless printer on Chromebook in detail. To connect your Chromebook to any other brand of printer, follow this guide as well.

It’s similarly simple to connect a Chromebook to any printer and, for all intents and purposes to do likewise with a cell phone. You don’t need any drivers or software to connect your printer to your Chromebook.

If you are experiencing issues or errors with the setup of your HP printer, you can also visit 123.hp.com/setup. Additionally, whenever you require assistance, you can contact our specialists at 123.hp.com/setup and let us handle your issue in its place.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Steps to Connect Your Chromebook with HP Printer

Before you begin the setup, we recommend connecting your HP Wireless Printer to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer. To simplify the process of setting up an wireless printer on Chromebook, download HP Printer Assistant and let it perform the hectic tasks.

Connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi

To begin, the Chromebook and HP printer must be connected via the same Wi-Fi connection. If your Chromebook is already connected to Wi-Fi, you can skip this step and immediately connect your HP printer to the same wireless network.

  • To begin, click the time that is displayed in the Chromebook’s bottom right corner.
  • To connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi, select “Not Connected”. If you are currently connected to any other Wi-Fi networks, you must first unplug your Chromebook from them.
  • The available list of nearby Wi-Fi networks will then appear.
  • After choosing the network to which you want to connect your device, check the Wi-Fi password.

Finally, select “Connect.” If you used the correct password and your Wi-Fi is working, your Chromebook will immediately connect to it.

If you are having trouble connecting your printer to your Wi-Fi, go through the procedure all over again, but this time pay more attention. Try restarting your Wi-Fi modem and printer to resolve any temporary issues. Verify that your Wi-Fi is functional; Switch to a different Wi-Fi if it’s slow.

Connect Your HP Wireless Printer to Wi-Fi

After connecting your Chromebook to the chosen Wi-Fi, it’s time to connect your HP wireless printer. Take heart! You can complete it in a matter of minutes using the methods below.

  • On your printer, select Control Panel, and then click the Wi-Fi symbol.
  • You can also use a Wi-Fi button on your printer device as an alternative.
  • You can select the name of your Wi-Fi network after the HP printer searches for nearby Wi-Fi networks.
  • Entering your wireless password is the last step.

Add your HP printer to your Chromebook after completing the aforementioned steps.

Add HP Printer to Your Chromebook

Now that your Printer and Chromebook are connected to the same wireless network, you can add it to your Chromebook and start printing.

After selecting the click button on your Chromebook, go to Settings.

  • In the Settings search box, type “Print.”
  • Select Printers from the list of search results and then go to the Add Printer option.
  • A list of readily available printers will appear on your screen. you must select the HP wireless printer model from this list.
  • After you press the Add button, you are now able to print and scan.

The best choice is a printer on a Chromebook because it is so simple to use. There is no requirement to set up any particular printer drivers. However, you can alleviate your suffering by installing the HP Printer Assistant or any other printer application that is compatible with your printer device. You will be able to easily print from your devices and resolve any printer-related issues in this manner. We hope you were able to connect wireless printer on Chromebook successfully and can now print immediately. However, if you encounter a problem and require assistance, please contact us. You can get in touch with us by telephone at the arrangement printer helpline or by online visit whenever.

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