How can I Troubleshoot the HP Printer that Cannot Connect to Web Services Error?

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Technology plays a significant role in our daily lives. One of the most significant technological invention of our time is the printer. This incredible technology allows us to complete many of our personal and professional tasks with ease. Modern printers allow users to scan documents, send faxes, and do many other tasks in addition to printing text and images. HP printers are among the most dependable printer brands among all printing equipment. However, technology has its limitations. For example, while using HP printers, users often face HP printer cannot connect to web services difficulties, especially when they attempt to connect printer to web service for the first time.

In this article, we’ll go over a few easy fixes that may be used by users to resolve the “HP printer cannot connect to web services” issue on their computers. This tutorial can help you in troubleshooting a similar issue if you’re having one. So let’s proceed and find a solution.

Why is my printer not connecting to web services?

“Why is my printer not connecting to online services?” is a question users ask us frequently. Well! There could be a lot of reasons why your printer couldn’t connect to the web services. Some possible reasons why your HP printer might be unable to connect to web services are as follows:

  • Web services problems: There could be a number of reasons why your printer can’t connect, including problems with the web services.
  • Server problems: If there is any server problem, then your HP printer won’t connect to Web Services. Therefore, it is significant to retry the connection and check the internet connection.

How to resolve the “HP printer cannot connect to Web Services” issue?

Here are a few fast remedies for “HP printer can not connect to Web Services” issue that may be affecting your device.

A connection to the HP printer should be present.

Your first step should be to check and confirm that your HP printer is correctly connected to HP Web Services. Commonly, HP printer are unable to connect to Web Services when utilizing a USB cord. You may assess the condition of your printer using the settings option or a wireless network. If the Wi-Fi button on your smartphone displays a steady blue LED light, your printer is connected properly. If you are unable to see the light, reconnect the device.

Restart your printer router and computer

You can solve the printer not connecting to web services issue by restarting all of the devices. Restart your computer, router, and printer from HP. Plugin the device again after unplugging the power cables and waiting a little while. Start your computer after you’re finished.

Activate the web services from EWS (embedded Web Services)

To enable the web services for your HP printer, use the embedded web Services. This will assist you in resolving the communication issues of computer and printer.

  • Initially, printing the network configuration page is needed. You can refer the printer manual to know, how to print network configuration page.
  • If your printer has an LCD and a text-based control panel, you can print the document from the Wireless, Network Settings, or Setup options.
  • You can print the page using the button combinations listed in the printer manual if your printer includes the basic control panel buttons.
  • To view embedded Web Services on network configuration page, open a web browser and input the proper URL.
  • Click the “Web services” button on the page.
  • Select or press the “switch” button.

By following these simple instructions, you may fix the HP printer that cannot connect to the Web Services issue on your device. If you’re still having problems, visit the HP printer troubleshooting step guide.

Set the proxy server setting

If your network makes use of a proxy server setting, you must update the web services setting using the proxy information.

Look for the internet proxy settings on your device.

For Windows: Users of Windows should select the Internet option, then open the properties box, click the connection tab, select the network, and finally go to settings. The network will display the proxy settings.

For a Mac: From the system preferences, choose your network. Then, by selecting the advanced option, click the Proxies tab and choose the proxy.

Once finished, note the IP address and port value of the proxy server. You must select the proxy settings from the Embedded Web Services by clicking the Web Services tab. Your proxy server’s address and port value must be entered here. To connect to the web services after supplying the information, click the apply button.

Change the DNS configuration

Several customers feel that HP printer can not connect to Web Services issue are the result of improper DNS server settings. By changing the DNS server from the printer’s IP address to Google’s, the problem might be fixed. Open the Embedded Web Services page, then select the Wi-Fi tab. Type as the first DNS after selecting the IPv4 tab. When you press the Apply button, your problem will be resolved immediately.

firmware update for the printer.

Sometimes, outdated printer firmware prevents an HP printer from connecting to Web Services. Therefore, the printer’s firmware needs to be updated to the most recent version. You can update the firmware by going to the HP printer’s official website, and inputting the necessary HP printer model information.


HP printers occasionally give their consumers technical issues, despite their high level of reliability. The aforementioned techniques can help you rapidly resolve the HP printer cannot connect to Web Services problem on your system. The suggested steps are effective at finding the problem quickly. However, if you are still having issues with your HP printer and are unable to connect it to the web services, do not hesitate to call the experts. The HP Printer service USA experts can help you quickly identify the problem and identify the appropriate solution.

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