How to Eliminate HP Printer Error 59.f0?

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HP has built a solid reputation in the printer and computer industries. It offers a variety of models to meet different requirements. The printers are programmed to display errors on the screen when they occur. On the printer screen, if you find HP printer error code 59.f0 The transfer alienation error, which happens when the ITB (intermediate transfer belt) is stuck and face rotatable issue. The solution is not difficult, despite the difficulty of the situation. We have done research and created a straightforward, step-by-step method for troubleshooting that can help you effectively correct the error. First, let’s look into what caused error 59.f0.

What causes HP printer error 59.f0?

Resetting the toner-fuser assembly, reseating the printer’s ITB, manually testing the SR9 sensor, are required as a troubleshooting steps. To quickly resolve the issue, continue following the steps below.

Transfer Alienation Failure: HP Printer Error 59.F0

The primary cause of HP printer error code 59.f0 is a failure in the transfer alienation process. It indicates that the ITB is jammed and unable to rotate.

The trouble with the SR9 sensor is the second cause.

An issue with the SR9 sensor is another factor that contributes to HP printer error code 59.f0. This sensor controls the transfer roller disengagement. When the fuser drive component is malfunctioning or the transfer roller is worn out, the SR9 sensor problem happens.

You can fix this issue with the following steps:

The two most common causes of HP printer error 59.f0 are a transfer alienation error and a faulty SR9 sensor. In this section, these reasons are explained in detail.

Step 1. Reset the toner and fuser assembly          

  • Resetting the toner and fuser assemblies to resolve issue 59.f0 has been successful for many customers.
  • Pressing the power switch to turn off the printer is the first step.
  • Now that it has been turned on, wait until it gets ready to printing.
  • Please do not connect any surge protectors.
  • If you continue to experience issues, you will need to replace the motor.
  • After verifying that the ITB has been installed correctly, remove the printed circuit board assembly (PCA or PCBA).

Step 2. Reseat the ITB of your HP printer

  • It’s time to move the ITB back there.
  • Verify that each of the ITB’s internal connections is secured.
  • Detach the ITB completely from the apparatus and physically test the ITB flag and gear if the problem persists.
  • The gear must then be turned, and the flag must light up when the white gear is turned.
  • If you find that the flag is broken or does not rotate, you will need to replace the ITB.
  • Regardless of whether the ITB gear and flags are functioning properly, you must perform the manual sensor test outlined in the following section to test the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor SR9.

Step 3. Test the SR9 sensor manually (when ITB gear and flag are working well)

  • To perform a manual sensor test, remove the ITB from its location and search within for the sensor SR9.
  • Click the Home button in the Control Panel, then use the down arrow to select Diagnostics and click OK
  • Pick the manual sensor test choice, and afterward click OK.
  • You must now release the SR9 flag by pushing the lever upward into the ITB cavity.
  • After pressing and releasing the flag, check the control panel display to see how the sensor responded. Additionally, ensure that the sensor can toggle between 0 and 1.
  • Replace the sensor if it does not toggle between 0 and 1.
  • Now exit the diagnostic and confirm by clicking OK.

Step 4. Execute the fuser motor component test

Remove the connection between the fuser and the printer.

  • To disconnect the right panel safety switch with the help of placing a folded piece of paper inside it and use masking tape to hold the switch down in order to disconnect the right door switch.
  • Select Diagnostic by clicking the Control Panel’s home button, then click OK.
  • The next steps are to select the component test and click “Ok.”
  • After selecting the fuser motor option, select “Ok.”
  • Keep an eye on the fuser motor gear, It must be replaced if it does not rotate.

Step 5. Perform the ITB contact/alienation test

If you find that the fuser motor is operating properly, you must perform any ITB contact or alienation tests.

  • Similar to step 4, proceed to point number two.
  • then press the Control Panel’s home button.
  • After that, select diagnostics by clicking “OK” and using the down arrow.
  • Click OK after selecting Component Test from the menu.
  • Click “OK” after selecting the ITB contact or alienation test option.
  • During the test, keep an eye on the alienation drive hub near the cyan cartridge.
  • If you notice that the alienation drive is not turning, it is time to replace the fuser drive assembly.

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