HP: No AirPrint Printers Found? Get it Resolved Quickly ?

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Apple devices have the handy option of AirPrint, which allows printing without the use of drivers. The “No AirPrint printers found HP” error message, on the other hand, could appear to some users, stopping them from printing and interfering with their productivity. Finding the root of this problem and strategies to fix it are crucial. This error message frequently appears after an iOS update. This article offers detailed advice on how to solve the issue and guarantee seamless printing. Users can resolve the issue and carry on printing without interruption by using these solutions.

Solutions for the “No Airprint Printers Found HP” Error

There are various options you can attempt if no HP AirPrint printers error take place. First and foremost, it’s crucial to carefully examine the network connection. Additionally, confirm that AirPrint is activated on the printing device. The following sections provide more information on each of these solutions.

Check the connection to your network.

Your HP printer needs to be identified by a wireless network in order to enable AirPrint. Therefore, determining that your printer and Apple device are both linked to the same local Wi-Fi network is essential. Verify Wi-Fi is turned on before checking the network connection. Check the condition of your network connection after restarting your printer. Whether you should try printing or not depends on the state of your connection. You need to connect your printing devices to the network if the issue still exists.

 Check If Wi-Fi Is On

  • Select the name of your local Wi-Fi network to connect to it if you’re linked to another network.
  • Visit the “Finding Your Wireless Password” link if you are unsure about the network’s login information. By clicking on this link, you can reach the location.
  • Check to see if the local network is operating properly if you’re having trouble connecting. Disconnecting and re-connecting the router’s power cable can fix network issues.
  • Try moving closer to the router if your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough. Remember that Wi-Fi transmissions to printers and mobile devices can be interfered with by walls, electronics, and metal items as they all produce radio waves.
  • If no local network is available, choose “Wi-Fi Direct Printing.”

Check the status of the network connection after restarting the printer.

  • Customers who have printers with touch-screen control panels must tap the Wi-Fi icon. Additionally, go to the setup menu, or click “Network Settings” in order to check the network’s status.
  • If you have an HP printer without a touchscreen control panel, then you should simultaneously hit the “Information” and “Wireless” buttons, or press the “Start Copy Black” and “Wireless” buttons at the same time.
  • Along with network connection status, a printed wireless test report can be seen.

Choose one of the following solution, depending on the state of your network connection:

1. Try printing if your printer is linked to the network.

2. Follow the instructions in the next section if your printer isn’t network-connected.

Connect The Printer To The Network

  • The printer must then be connected to the network in order to resolve the HP no AirPrint printers found problem.
  • Verify that the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands are supported by your HP printer. So, you must check that you have turned on the 2.4 GHz router band in order to fix no airprint found hp problem.

Connect the printer to the 2.4 GHz network name if your router broadcasts different network names for each band. Below are guidelines for both users who have touchscreen control panels on their printing devices and those who don’t.

1. Open the wireless or setup menu for users whose printers have touchscreen control panels, then select “The Wireless Setup Wizard.” To connect the printer to the network, follow the instructions.

2. For users whose printers lack a touchscreen control panel need to press and hold the “Cancel” and “Wireless” buttons simultaneously until the power light starts flashing. Wait for the moment when wireless light starts to flash. Try printing, most probably the problem should be solved.

Make sure Airprint is activated on your printing device.

The printer can be configured using a special website. It is referred to as an “Embedded Web Server” or “EWS”. You must open it in order to check if AirPrint is activated. Keep these suggestions in mind to accomplish this.

  • Find the IP address of the HP printer by going to the ‘Wireless’ option.
  • On the Apple device, launch the Safari browser.
  • To start the EWS press “Go”, after entering the IP address in the search box.
  • Select “Network” followed by “AirPrint”. Then, Tap “Status”.
  • When the message “Redirecting to Secure” appears, click “OK.”
  • In the window of ‘This Connection Is Not Private’ Hit ‘Show Details.’
  • To locate the settings for the AirPrint status, go to the website.
  • If it says “Off,” select “Turn on AirPrint.”
  • If you try printing, the notice “No HP printers found for AirPrint” must disappear.

Use a different printing method.

Visit 123.hp.com to download and install the HP Smart App, and then follow the on-screen directions to connect to and use the printer. The instructions below can be used to configure the Wi-Fi Direct printer settings on an Apple device if your printer is unable to connect to the local wireless network. However, keep in mind that by following these instructions, your Apple device may momentarily lose internet access. As a result, double-check everything before printing any files or websites.

  • Choose the ‘Wi-Fi Direct/HP Wireless Direct’ icon on your printer.
  • Tap “Settings” on your Apple device, followed by “Wi-Fi.”
  • Choose a printer that has “Direct” in its name.
  • If a password is requested, enter “12345678.”
  • Try printing, and then after the print job is finished, rejoin to your local Wi-Fi network.

Last Words

No AirPrint printers found HP’ notification is definitely an exasperated feeling. However, now that you are aware of the many remedies, it will be easier for you to cope with them. If you are unable to employ the techniques, you can get in touch with a reputable printer technical support provider. Professionals are on hand 24 hours a day to help you to fix no airprint found hp problem or any printing-related problems.

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