HP Fax Error 344 A Complete Guide with Causes and Solution

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You must be aware of HP printer issues if you use one. HP Fax Error 344 is the most common of these errors. Faxes cannot be sent or received by your printer if this error occurs in your system. As a result, whenever there is a problem with the phone connection, this error occurs. If this issue only affects one fax number, you can still send a fax to any other number. It indicates that the issue is most effectively resolved at the receiving end’s facsimile machine.

What is HP Fax Error 344?

However, if you frequently encounter the HP fax error 344 while faxing with the printer, an interaction issue with your fax line may be the cause. On the other hand, fax is one of the oldest forms of analog technology, and phone companies nowadays communicate via digitally encoded electronic lines.

As a result, communication issues are likely to arise with your facsimile machine. The disturbance caused by static sound over the digital line leads to interaction errors. If you are unaware of these technical issues, you can get in touch with HP Printer Support. If you want to learn more about the reasons for and solutions to this error, you should instead continue reading this blog.

What are the Causes of Error HP Fax Error 344?

The following are some of the possible causes of HP Fax Error 344:

  • As the distant device was getting closer, it’s possible that the remote person pressed the Stop button.
  • In the unlikely event that the connection is lost, device ceases to respond to fax commands from the adjacent device. These errors may occur if the local phone lines are out of date or if static is present on the line.
  • Other issues related to force can also destroy the fax association.
  • The remote device may have to quickly end the call if there is a disagreement between the two devices due to unusual circumstances.
  • You are certain to be able to correct the error if you follow the suggestions below now that you are aware of the causes.

Simple Solutions to Fix HP Fax Error 344

Solution 1: Modify the error correction mode

  • Click the Setup button on the front board of the printer.
  • Select Fax Setup.
  • At this point, select Advanced Fax Setup.
  • Snap-On Error Correction Mode
  • When you turn off the error correction mode, you are finished.

You may get rid of the error from your printer by doing this. In any event, go to the next step if it has not been resolved by this time.

Solution 2: Modify your fax speed

  • Click the Setup button on the front panel of the printer.
  • Select Setup Fax on HP printer next.
  • Select the Advanced Fax Setup options.
  • The speed of the fax must then be checked.
  • Alter the fax speed and set it slow to 9600 bps.
  • You can change the speed of your fax to fix error code 344.

Solution 3: Try to rebuild the connection

  • Try to reconnect the connection of your fax-receiving head as the phone line improves.
  • If the phone line continues to malfunction, you should contact the telephone provider.
  • With the assistance of the phone operator or service provider, you might be able to improve the connection.

Solution 4: Change the LAN settings

  • Navigate to the Control Panel to rectify the error.
  • Select Internet after opening the Network, then Web options.
  • Configure your network settings after selecting Connections.
  • Be sure to recognize as a consequence that configuration scripts and arrangement scripts shouldn’t be checked.
  • Okay, click on it, and reload the page.

Move on to the next solution if the LAN setting is not the problem and you are still experiencing the fax problem.

If the fax issue persists despite changing the LAN setting, proceed to the following solution.

Solution 5: Update the printer driver

  • Snap Start or Windows symbol.
  • In the search box, type “Device Manager.”
  • Right now, click on the item.
  • From the Device Manager window, locate additional devices and select them.
  • To install the driver, right-click on the desired category.
  • Click Snap-on Browse after clicking Update Driver Software in the newly opened box.
  • After installing the necessary drivers, select Next.
  • Select Close and restart your computer to end your interaction with the establishment.

Summing Up all about HP Fax Error 344

After attempting each of the aforementioned solutions, you must restart the computer to determine whether HP Fax Error 344 has been resolved. However, if you are unable to resolve issues on your own, you can contact us. All of these issues can be resolved over the phone by our experts. Join us immediately.

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