Applications of HP Support Solutions Framework and Ways to Remove It

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The Hewlett-Packard Company, also known as HP, has launched a product called the HP Support Solutions Framework. The software is very useful for Windows 8 and 10 processors. Both HP printers and computers with these processors are recognized. The most recent release of this tool is By visiting HP’s customer support page, users of Windows 7, 8, and 10 can rapidly download it and learn more about the software that is connected to their network.

But a lot of individuals wonder if they should keep this tool or if going without it would be better. It makes extensive use of the CPU. Therefore, people would want to know if they would benefit from it. You could discover additional information about this utility in this article.

What is the function of the HP Support Solutions Framework?

The HP Support Solutions Framework service provides a wide range of programs. Users may easily install and remove system drivers, modify Windows or BIOS settings, and use these tools to effectively handle the hardware. You can discover more details about your system, such as the serial number. Since you have easy access to the download section, you don’t need to go to HP’s official website to download anything.

Repairing is another thing that this tool aids in. It does rapid fixes and also helps you to find nearby HP repair facilities if you need to take your device to a technician. As a result, you can use the HP Support Solutions Framework report to identify any problems with your system and take action to resolve them.

Resolve Frequent HP Support Solutions Framework Errors

Customers frequently experience HP Support Solutions Framework Errors, regardless of the fact that it is highly helpful. Here are a few typical issues and their solutions.

Error: HP software framework not installed

This problem happens when you use the function keys to change the PC’s brightness, volume, or sleep setting. The error message may be “HP Hotkey UWP Service.” It can be repaired by using the hotkeys, which are shortcuts to carry out particular activities without entering the settings.

On your PC, generally, hotkey drivers are already installed. However, sometimes they cease operating, in which case you have to reinstall them. It is a typical reason for the error message that was just mentioned. You can install the HP Support Assistant, restart your computer and enable your hotkeys.

Automatic start of HP Support Solutions Framework

Many users dislike the automatic start of program as soon as their operating system loads. By going to the Windows settings, you can remove it from the list of auto-starting applications.

  • Track down the “Task Scheduler” first.
  • After that, click “Task Scheduler Library”.
  • To start HP, click the arrow next to “Hewlett-Packard” and launch HPSSF.
  • There are numerous choices in the middle pane. Decide on “Quick Start.”
  • Click the selected item after moving to the right column.
  • Your problem will be resolved of program launches automatically after selecting “Disable”. HPSSF cannot be loaded using this.

When performing a task, the HP Support Solutions Framework issues commands.

One of the things that irritates users is the HP Support Solutions Framework’s constant reminders. It is because, the program unexpectedly analyses your device and provides a checklist that you require to complete. It will keep asking you questions if you don’t respond to the reminders. It may surely become very annoying for people who are using computers to work.

If you want to get rid of the HPSSF, you must create a detailed plan. The following are the choices:

  • Start the app. then navigate to Settings.
  • Check to see the part titled “Next HP Updates and Messages are Scheduled for.”
  • Give a workday or an hour for software to complete its tasks.
  • Go ahead and open the HP Support Assistant, then tap “Settings” in the top-right corner.
  • Save all of your modifications here, then close the program.

When in sleep mode, HP Support Solutions Framework disturbs the display.

Consumers might have a hard time while fixing this problem. You can fix it by doing the following.

  • You can access “Edit power plans” by using the Windows search bar.
  • Select the blue option that says “Change Advanced Power Settings”.
  • The plus sign (+) is located next to the word “Sleep.” Tap it, it will give you more options.
  • By clicking here, expand the “Allow wake timers” option.
  • Two options are available: “Plugged in” and “On Battery.”
  • After disabling both of these options, you must choose “OK”. It will enable you to apply the changes you’ve made.

HP Support Solutions Framework ends suddenly

You may occasionally receive a notification requesting that close the app because of a major problem. In this situation, HPSSF must be completely uninstalled. After uninstalling the application, you can immediately reinstall it.

How is it possible to remove the HP Support Solutions Framework?

You might need to delete HP Support Solutions Framework if it creates a problem or if you don’t use it as frequently. Sometimes the file for this utility can become corrupt, which also requires uninstallation. These techniques can be used to get rid of this framework.

Utilise System Restore

The framework tool can be removed easily by using System Restore. Observe the directions provided precisely.

  • Close any open programs and files.
  • Right-click “Computer” and then choose “Properties” to continue.
  • Select “System Restore” option.
  • Select “System Restore” from the System Protection box, then click ‘choose a different restore point’.
  • Select a day and time by clicking “Next.”
  • Press “Next” and select “Finish.”
  • If you’re sure you want to remove the framework, tap “Yes.”

Use the Control Panel to remove the HP Support Solutions Framework

Using the Control Panel, you can remove any application from your computer, including HPSSF. The actions you must follow, are detailed below.

  • Right-click the taskbar ribbon and navigate the task manager.
  • Find HPSSF and right click on it.
  • Click “End Task” right away.
  • After that, open “Control Panel” and go to “Programs and Features.”
  • Choose “HP Support Solutions Framework” and “Uninstall” from the list of programs.
  • Verify what you are doing when asked.
  • Restart your computer after removing this program. 

Use the uninstaller file to remove HP Support Solutions Framework.

To uninstall HPSSF from your computer, you must have an executable file nearby. Locate the app’s installation folder, presented in the C Drive of your computer.

Now, find the “uninstall.exe” file. The uninstallation will then begin if you right-tap and choose “Run.” To finish this procedure, adhere to the directions displayed on your screen.

Last Words

You don’t not need to use HP Support Solutions Framework, despite the fact that it is a great pre-installed utility. Additionally, you can encounter a number of issues while using it and feel like it’s taking up a lot of extra space. The above-mentioned techniques can then be used to uninstall the framework. Additionally, you can install HP Support Solutions Framework service, whenever you want. If you want to learn more, get in touch with the experts at for HP printer technical support.

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